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La Bella Cuban Tres Strings

La Bella Tres Cubano
6-String, 3 Course Cuban Tres
Plain Steel & Silk and Steel, Ball-End

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Cuban Tres
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La Bella Cuban Tres Strings

The Cuban Tres, also known as simply a Tres, is a small guitar-like, 6-string, three-course chordophone of Cuban origin. The Cuban Tres is the most widespread variety of the instrument. Its sound has become a defining characteristic of the Cuban son and it is commonly played in a variety of Afro-Cuban genres. In the 1930s the instrument was adapted into the Puerto Rican tres, which has nine strings and a body similar to that of the cuatro.

La Bella CT750 Cuban Tres 6-string, 3 course set includes: .012P-.023W, .014P-.014P, .011P-.031W

Tuning: G4 G3, C4 C4, E4 E3 or A4 A3, D4 D4, F#4 F#3