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Curt Mangan Instrument Strings

NevadaCityStrings.com may not carry all of Curt Mangan’s products at this time. The Curt Mangan brands featured in our site include only those that NevadaCityStrings.com currently offers as in-stock inventory. If you would like to purchase a Curt Mangan product that is currently not offered by us, we would be happy to special order it for you and will then maintain it in our in-stock inventory. To submit a special order request, please call 530-263-2566, or email us at sales@nevadacitystrings.com. Please include a complete description of the manufacturer, brand and model number and the quantity of sets desired.
About Curt Mangan® Strings

Curt Mangan Strings is located in the city of Cortez, Colorado. Cortez is the most populous city of Montezuma County and is a popular stop for tourists of the surrounding attractions of Mesa Verde National Park, Monument Valley and the Four Corners. In this beautiful setting, the Curt Mangan string factory builds over 400 boutique, premium quality single instrument strings and 250 packaged string sets for acoustic, electric and classical guitar, acoustic and electric bass guitar, mandolin, banjo, bajo sexto and quinto, plus other instruments. All are constructed with hand-crafted-pride.

The Curt Mangan company takes pride in being a "small company' dedicated to making great strings with "big tone." The company also enjoys the personal contact they have with their customers. Many players believe Curt Mangan FusionMatched strings are the best guitar strings available today.

Curt Mangan FusionMatched strings are used by more than 800 artists.

The company was founded in 2004 by Curt Mangan who has a 50-year history with the guitar. He still plays and records professionally, as he has for over 40-years. His experience includes working at and owning music stores, building and repairing guitars and teaching guitar. He was Director of Sales and Marketing for Ernie Ball Inc., one of the world’s largest string companies, for seventeen years.

Curt Mangan® FusionMatched strings were developed from the ground up and from a player's perspective. Every batch of Curt Mangan strings is play-tested to make sure they feel and sound great.

What is FusionMatched®?


“FusionMatched” was originally going to be the name of the Curt Mangan Strings company. The term was intended to describe the proprietary thought process used to create the recipe for each and every single string gauge Curt Mangan offers. The FusionMatched recipe includes the choice of wire maker, custom-built machines, core-to-wrap ratios and other key factors essential for the tone, intonation and longevity of the strings.

At the time of launching the Curt Mangan company in 2004, Curt was not certain he would receive the trademark for FusionMatched and was advised to call the company Curt Mangan. Thus, Curt Mangan Strings company was born.

Curt Mangan did eventually receive the trademark for FusionMatched® in 2005 and still follows the FusionMatched philosophy and thought process for every sting they build today. Today, the FusionMatched® trademark appears on every pack of strings produced.