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3/3 String Club

There is much debate about how often instrument strings should be replaced. There is clearly no right answer. However, there is little debate that a new set of strings brings out the best in an instrument.

Although we suspect that no one actually enjoys the process of changing strings, most musicians enjoy having changed them. There is something about a new set of strings that is very satisfying and pleasing.

There is also nothing more frustrating than a broken string with no replacement on hand.

For these reasons, NevadaCityStrings.com has created the 3/3 String Club. When you sign up for the 3/3 String Club, you are included in our club email list and are offered strings in a variety of instrument categories at special discounted pricing. Club offers are emailed three times each year. You can also access this page from our home page any time to link to our current 3/3 String Club Offers page and make a purchase at the discounted prices if you choose to. However, you must be registered as a 3/3 String Club Member to enjoy the discounted pricing members are offered. Join Now to enjoy our very best offers.

The categories we currently offer are:

Classical Guitar
Acoustic Guitar
Electric Guitar
Other Guitar (banjo, mandolin, ukulele, resonator, etc.)

Electric Bass Guitar (one set will be offered for electric bass guitar)

You are not shipped or charged for sets automatically and you are NOT committed to making a purchase at any time.

When we send a 3/3 String Club email, you can simply ignore our offers if you are not interested in making a purchase at the time (in which case no transaction is made) or you can review the offer for each instrument category by clicking the link to a special page that describes the offers.

You can then add any or all 3-set best price offers to your cart, or add any number of individual sets as you prefer. Individual sets are also discounted, but somewhat less than the 3-set best price. Please feel free to mix-and-match from each category.

As always, if your shopping cart balance (excluding taxes, shipping and handling) is greater than $35.00 US, USPS First Class Mail SHIPPING IS FREE for DOMESTIC destinations.

Of course you are not committed to any purchase until you complete the shopping process and may cancel any or all selections at any time before completing the transaction.