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About Us

Bert 1970-1968 Gibson SG Standard

That’s me in the profile picture playing my 1968 Gibson SG Standard in the early 70’s (my only regret is that I traded a 1954 Goldtop Les Paul for it.)

My love of the guitar and music has grown steadily since I first held a Hagstrom three pick-up electric and soon after performed the Rolling Stone’s Satisfaction at my first stand-in at a middle school dance. My musical interests have evolved considerably since those days and now include a passion for the art of the luthier and the beautiful instruments they create.

We began NevadaCityStrings.com to serve musicians and instrument makers because we love the guitar and we love our little paradise in Northern California.

Our goals are simple:

We offer an extensive selection of instrument stings for a wide variety of stringed instruments, to satisfy the needs of musicians at every level.

We strive to maintain in-stock inventory of every product we offer and set our pricing at the most competitive levels possible to provide the customer with great value and timely service.

We continuously work to provide our visitors and customers an enjoyable and efficient user experience when navigating our site and exceptional service when fulfilling an order.

My goal as a life-long amateur musician and luthier is to up my ante in the music community. I want to help musicians get the products they want and need, without hassle, and at reasonable prices. As our way of supporting the music community, we have established “Our give-back promise”. The promise is our commitment to donate a portion our profits to three nonprofit music organizations each year. (For more details, please see “Our give-back promise”.)

As our business grows, we plan to expand our site to include social and community content to bring musicians together and provide a go-to place for interesting and important information.

We also plan to offer our customers and friends a place to post information on instruments for sale, sources of instruction (guitar lessons, violin lessons, etc.), bands for hire and want ads for musician openings.

Our goal with this free service will be to connect interested parties. All other aspects of any transaction between parties will be conducted outside of NevadaCityStrings.com.

If you have an instrument, service or need you would like us to post in our online classified, please contact me at bheinzelman@nevadacitystrings.com.

A personal goal of mine is to help young students with part-time, after school jobs that are steady and rewarding, yet not too impactful on study and family time. Rather than hard-time at the local fast-food factory for minimum wage, we offer our young employees a fair wage and an entrepreneurial experience that fosters responsibility and a commitment to the attention to detail.

If you ever get a chance to visit Nevada City California, you will find a wonderful little gold-rush town that has a vibrant art and music culture that continues to grow and flourish. Nevada City is located roughly half-way between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is a bit out of the way, but well worth the detour off interstate 80. Downtown Nevada City and neighboring Grass Valley have an awesome assortment of restaurants, bed & breakfasts and wine tasting rooms, along with an eclectic collection of shops.

Thank you for visiting NevadaCityStrings.com.

Please let us know if there is anything we should do to improve your experience at NevadaCityStrings.com. Question, comments or crits can be emailed to bheinzelman@nevadacitystrings.com, or just call me at 530-263-2566.


Bert Heinzelman