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NevadaCityStrings.com was created to serve musicians and instrument makers because we love the guitar and we love stringed instruments and the beautiful music they can create.

Our goals are simple:

We offer an extensive selection of the best guitar strings and musical instrument stings for a wide variety of instruments. Whether you are a professional musician, serious amateur musician, casual player, or luthier, NevadaCityStrings.com is your go-to place for music strings. Our selections include acoustic guitar strings and acoustic bass guitar strings, classical guitar strings and flamenco guitar strings, electric guitar strings and electric bass guitar strings, banjo strings, mandolin strings, ukulele strings, and a wide variety of hard-to-find early instrument, folk and ethnic instrument strings.

We strive to maintain in-stock inventory of every product we offer and set our pricing at the most competitive levels possible to provide the customer with great prices, great value and excellent service. Our in-stock inventory includes products sourced from the most well-known brands of strings and from the finest string manufacturers in America and the world. Many of these instrument string producers use only high quality alloys and employ state-of-the-art string making technology in their precision winding and finishing processes, while others specialize in hand-crafted strings, or traditionally made strings in historical materials.

We continuously work to provide our visitors and customers an enjoyable and efficient user experience when navigating our site and exceptional service when fulfilling an order. We are happy to assist customers in finding the products they seek, whether a boutique brand, or for rare instruments or exotic instruments.

Our ever growing list of in-stock Strings by Instrument (in the left side column) includes all the familiar stringed instruments, as well as those for less commonly available instruments such as the Baglama, Mandocello and Sitar.

As always, we thank you for visiting NevadaCityStrings.com and greatly appreciate your business.

Please let us know if there is anything we should do to improve your experience at NevadaCityStrings.com. Questions, comments or critiques can be emailed to bheinzelman@nevadacitystrings.com, or just call me at 530-263-2566.


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Bert Heinzelman
Our goal is to maintain in-stock inventory of all the brands and products our customer’s desire and will offer those products at the best prices possible. The list of Strings By Instrument on the left column includes those instruments that NevadaCityStrings.com currently offers in-stock string inventory. If you would like to purchase a product that is currently not offered by us, we would be happy to special order it for you and will then maintain it in our in-stock inventory. To submit a special order request, please call 530-263-2566, or email us at sales@nevadacitystrings.com. Please include a complete description of the manufacturer, brand and model number and the quantity of sets desired.